Troubleshooting - My rateplan is not showing bookable online



If a particular rateplan or roomtype isn't appearing when you check for availability, and you're unsure why, the following checklist can help you work it out.



Check the following steps:

  1. Is there availability loaded for each date, for the roomtype and rateplan in question? If the rateplan is using pooled availability, check the availability for the default rateplan.
  2. Are there rates loaded for each date, for the roomtype and rateplan in question?
  3. Is the rateplan valid for those dates - check the rate plan 'valid to' date and 'valid from' date (step 2 of rateplan set up)
  4. Is there a closeout in place for that date? Check all levels of closeout- whole hotel, roomtype and rateplan, or rateplan only.
  5. Is there a minimum stay set that exceeds the length of stay searched for? As with closeouts, check all levels.
  6. Is there a minimum or maximum stay set for the rateplan? (step 2 of rateplan set up)
  7. Is the rateplan enabled for that URL? (step 5 of rateplan set up)
  8. Is the roomtype enabled for that URL? (under room type settings)
  9. Is the roomtype enabled for that rateplan? (step 5 of rateplan set up)
  10. Check the Max and Min Booking Dates (step 2 of rateplan set up). If set, is the lead-in time searched less than the Min Booking Date / greater than the Max Booking Date?
  11. Does the rateplan have the Stay On / Arrival On days set? (step 2 of rateplan set up)
  12. Is the rateplan hidden from general availability search? (step 3 of rateplan set up)
  13. Are you looking at the right rateplan? Some rateplans could have the same names. Use the IDs of the rateplans to distinguish them (found in the URL of pages related to the rateplan, such as /admin/addedittarrif?id=XXXX)
  14. Check you max hour for bookings on all your urls (settings > Urls settings)
  15. For consolidator booking engines
    1. Has the property agreed to T&Cs
    2. Is the rateplan prepaid? Note that prepay rateplans cannot be shown on group sites (pre-payment tick box on step 4 of rateplan set up)
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