How to set up Grouped Specials?

  1. In the Booking Engine under Admin - Rateplans - Find 'Edit Grouped Specials'

  2. The first one area 'Specials Title Text' is for All Special Offers. 

  • Fill in Title - 

  • Leave Description Title Text blank 

  • Choose Image using 'Choose File' which will allow you to pick an image from your Device or Select an image from Net Affinity Image Gallery

  • Ticking Cross Sell Specials Activates this Grouped Special on the website. 

3. There are space for 7 other Grouped Specials for following this - Packages 1 - Packages 7. Simply give each a title, an image and then to make it live ensure that Cross Sell Packages is ticked.

4. Next thing you need to do is choose which offers go under which Grouped Special. You do this in the rateplan setup under step 3.

5. Finally check the grouped specials on the website and ensure all the offers showing in each Grouped Special are relevant 

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