How to set up a Rateplan


Once Logged into the Booking Engine, click on Admin and then Rateplans Tabs.

1. The Click Add New Rate Plan as below.

2. There are 5 steps in the process of building a Rate Plan

  • Step 1 - Enter all details of rateplan including
    • Long Description - this will appear on the Check Availability Page & the Confirmation Email.
    • Short Description - this will appear on the Specials pages
    • Rateplan Image
    • Consolidator Image - if you are selling this rate on a consolidator site. 
  • Step 2 -
    • Enter valid to and from dates (to date should be pushed out as far as possible)
    • Minimum Stay & Maximum Stay
    • Max Booking Date for Last Minute Bookings - (if none select none, not 0),
    • Min Booking Date for Advance Purchase Bookings - (if none select none, not 0),
    • Cancellation detail - days & time that guest can cancel until
    • Stay & Arrival Dates
    • 'Set to offline' should remain un-ticked unless rateplan should not appear on the front end for sale
  • Step 3 -
    • Select grouped offers the rateplan should appear on
    • Select how rates should appear ie. Total Stay or Per Night. 
    • 'Rooms from' price should be the lowest price the rateplan is available at for that period and will appear on the specials page on the front end.
    • 'Show availability on calendar' should only be selected for certain rateplans that have limited availability over a particular period eg. sale rateplan/friday night offer etc  
  • Step 4 -
    • If the Pre Payment module is enabled, the option to make this rateplan prepaid will appear
    • Select 'Pull from central availability' in order to pull from main availability pool
    • Select floating rateplan if floating from another rateplan, otherwise leave un-ticked and load rates separately for that particular rateplan
  • Step 5 -
    • Tick all available roomtypes rateplan is available on,
    • Active URLs - which URLs that rateplan will be available to sell on - always select your site & mobile site. Then select which consolidator sites you want the rateplan to be available on.
    • Any terms & conditions specific to this rateplan only. These will appear above the General T&Cs.

Once all steps in the Booking Engine Build Process you then click Update in Step 5 to save the rateplan.

ALWAYS check the rateplan from the front end of the site, as a guest would see it, so you can be sure it's set up correctly


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