How to set up a corporate rate


To set up new Corporate Rates, go to Company Rates → Corporate Rates → Add New Rateplan. 
Create a corporate rateplan using the same steps as a normal rateplan set up. Corporate rateplans are automatically hidden from general availability 

Rates – add as per normal rateplan, the rate will appear alongside the normal rateplans

Availability – add as per normal rateplan, the rate will appear alongside the normal rateplans

Corporate Clients

Here, you will set up the information on the corporate client, choose a Code for bookers to use and add Billing Istructions. 

To set up a Corporate Client, go to corporation, click on Corporate Clients

  • Corporation Name: Enter Company Name here
  • Corporation Details:notes on the company
  • Corporation Code:Insert a reference code for the company. This code can be entered into the rate code field to access the corporate rate
  • Address: Enter all the contact details for the company. If Address is enabled on the Reservation Form, this will pre-populate once code above is used. 
  • Telephone: Again, this will prepopulate on the Reservation Form 
  • Email: Fill with Main Booker at Company's email address, this will pre-populate on Reservation form. 
  • Charge to Company: Select this if bookers are not required to give credit card details on booking. Please note, only use if company has credit facilities with Hotel. 
  • Pay Option: decide on Billing Instructions
    • Company Account
    • Company Credit Card
    • Settle at Hotel
  • Corporate Tariff: Select Rateplans available to this company - this will pull form Company Rateplans, not general Rateplans. 
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