Bookings BEFORE 9th Oct 2018 - How to get Credit Card Details for a booking

  1. Log into the Booking Engine 
  2. Go to View Bookings
  3. Click on view beside the booking details ;
  4. When you click in scroll down to Payment Method and Click Show;
  5. You will be redirected to another login page. 

2.png6. Enter your securepay username & password. Click Login. You will then be asked for your token. 

7. Once successfully logged in, the transaction will display as below:

3.png8. Click on the link of the CC number. You will get an alert confirming the remaining views left of the credit card details. If you'd like to proceed, click okay to view the credit card number. 



NOTE: on some browsers a tickbox may appear along with the message 'Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs' or 'Don't let this page create more messages' It is very important to leave this box unticked. If you tick this box, you will not be able to see the credit card details but it will still count as one viewing!


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