Smarthotel Integration

  • Enable SmartHotel under Settings > Integrations > Channel Managers
  • Contact SmartHotel with hotel ID from the booking engine (Settings/Integrations/Channel Managers)
  • When SmartHotel requests to have different username and password you can include them in the booking engine, if no username and password is provided a default values will be used
  • You need to have Adult occupant set. Occupant type must be set to 'Adult'
  • Whenever you want to use 2 different prices per room per occupant (example double room, have different price when have one occupant in it instead of two occupants) you will need to create new occupant options > 'First Adult', 'Second Adult'
  • Make sure that you don't have any closeouts applied in the Net Affinity Booking Engine as this would clash with closeouts with SmartHotel
  • Every rateplan that is using Pull From Central Availability option (Step 4 of rateplan setup) will not be included for SmartHotel rateplans and you will not be able to update it
  • Please specify Age qualifying code for all occupants set for client
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