Smarthotel Integration

  1. Enable SmartHotel module in the Net Affinity Booking Engine
  2. Contact SmartHotel with hotel ID from the booking engine (Settings/Integrations/Channel Managers)
  3. When SmartHotel requests to have different username and password you can include them in the booking engine, if no username and password is provided a default values will be used
  4. You need to have Adult occupant set. Occupant type must be set to 'Adult'
  5. Whenever you want to use 2 different prices per room per occupant (example double room, have different price when have one occupant in it instead of two occupants) you will need to create new occupant options > 'First Adult', 'Second Adult'
  6. Make sure that you don't have any closeouts applied in the Net Affinity Booking Engine as this would clash with closeouts with SmartHotel
  7. Every rateplan that is using Pull From Central Availability option (Step 4 of rateplan setup) will not be included for SmartHotel rateplans and you will not be able to update it
  8. Please specify Age qualifying code for all occupants set for client
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