How to update my hotel Terms & Conditions



Updating Hotel General Terms & Conditions

Go to Admin -> Hotel Info ->Hotel T&Cs and edit 

  • Website Terms & Conditions (Tick Box T&C on Reservation Form) - Sample Terms & Conditions available
  • Vouchers Terms & Conditions - Sample Terms & Conditions available
  • No Availability Terms & Conditions - Sample Terms & Conditions available
  • Cancellation policy - this button appears during the customer's booking process so if it is not populated, it will be blank when the customer clicks on it.  


Updating Confirmation email Terms & Conditions:

Go to Admin -> Hotel Info ->Hotel Emails and edit 

  • Confirmation email - Terms & Conditions (Shows on Confirmation Email) - Sample Terms & Conditions available


Rateplan Specific Terms & Conditions:

These will appear on the Booking Confirmation that the hotel and the guest will receive. E.g. For Advance Purchase Rates you may want to include details of pre-payment and non-cancellation.
This field can be left blank if there are no specific T&C's for this Rateplan. Your General Website Terms & Conditions will still appear on the Guest's Booking Confirmation.

Add in Step 5 of the Rateplan setup if required:

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