Myallocator / Cloudbeds Integration

  1. Enable Myallocator Integration in Booking Engine under SETTINGS → INTEGRATIONS → CHANNEL MANAGERS.
  2. Input your Myallocator ID (this must be obtained directly from MyAllocator/Cloudbeds and inserted before proceeding to step 3)
  3. Under ADMIN → OCCUPANTS, review each occupant type and select the appropriate occupant category. 
  4. You will be requested to input the Net Affinitiy Password in the Myallocator extranet - this is Affinity987.
  5. With Myallocator, you map one rateplan to the system. All other rateplans then will need to float from your main rateplan and pull from central availability. If you decide in future to add any other rateplans that you will not be a floating rate, you will have to load rates manually into Net Affinity.
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