How to use the Demand section of the booking engine


To View Booking Demand, Go to Reports > Demand 

Please note the below can be used to analyse past and future bookings. 

Tab 1: Lead Time

This section analyses the Consumer Searches carried out for a specified date range and reports based on Lead Time e.g. difference between searched date & arrival date. 

Table will show figures & pie charts will graph the info. 
This can also be exported in CSV or HTML format. 

  • Please Specify Date Range: Select Required Search Dates
  • Request Type: Select Room Types if required
  • Rateplan: Select Rateplan if required
  • URL options: Select URL if required e.g. mobile, desktop, consolidator site e.g. Ireland Hotels.

 Tab 2: Future Demand

The system analyses Consumer Searches carried out between these dates and reports on Consumer Demand for future months in the two graphs below.

Detail: (for Consumer Demand graphs only)
Choose a month and the two graphs below report on Consumer Demand on a day-by-day basis for the selected month (Graph 1) and for a 12 month period (Graph 2). These graphs illustrate high demand dates and the corresponding comparison between availability and no availability. Where the no availability is high the reservation manager should take action and add room availability into the system.

Again, this can be analysed on a rateplan & URL level and can also be exported in CSV or HTML format. 

Tab 3: Search History

This section analyses the specific date range looking at the dates that the searches happened on. 

Choose a month and the first graph reports on Searches that have taken place on a day-by-day basis for the selected month 

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