How to navigate your template website


The website is split into two categories:-

  1. Pages
  2. Modules

1) Pages

All created pages are found under Pages.

  • To reorder these pages for internal use click on Order (top left). Click & drag items to where you’d like them. Save.
  • Pages that are not yet public will have (not active) next to them.
  • Hidden pages are public but the user requires a specific URL to access them.
  • Each page can also have subpages. E.g Rooms is one page with two subpages - Double Room & Deluxe Room.

Additional Features:

  • Find New Page: Search for a specific page.
  • Add New Page: Add a new page.


  • Clone Language: Clone all pages to a new language.
  • Undelete Pages: Retrieve the last deleted page.


2) Modules

The main modules are:-

  • Menu Manager. Update & manage main menu and footer menu.
  • Images/Flash. Upload images to be inserted within the copy/content of a page.
  • Advanced Gallery. Upload & manage home banner images, inside page banner images and all galleries.
  • Files. Upload & manage all PDF & Word documents.
  • News. Add news items.
  • Advanced Forms. Create & manage all forms.
  • Form Export. Export database.
  • Data Sets. Create & manage all features to be added to a page.
  • Rewrites. Set up a URL redirect.
  • Template Settings. Add/edit; logos, template colours, social links, footer links, GTM.


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