How do I submit my sitemap to Google Search Console?


There are three steps to submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console:-

  1. Enable the sitemap
  2. Generate the sitemap
  3. Submit the sitemaps in Search Console

1) Enable the Sitemap in the CMS

  • Go to Modules > Project
  • Click + to see all the options.
  • Select XML Sitemap
  • Tick Enable
  • Save.
  • Log out of the website.

2)  Generate the Sitemap in the CMS

  • Log back into the website
  • Return to Project > XML Sitemap
  • Select Generate
  • Save

To check if the sitemap has been enabled visit URL/sitemap.xml. The sitemap should appear if enabled

 3) Submit the Sitemap in Search Console

  • Once the sitemap has been enabled, you can then submit it to Search Console
  • Log into Search Console.
  • Go to Crawl

  • Select Sitemaps


  • Click Add/Test Sitemap

  • Enter the URL/sitemap.xml.
  • Submit.

The table at the bottom of the page will show you the date the sitemap was last processed and will inform you of any issues they encounter.

It is important to click on the sitemap URL to view more details after the sitemap has been processed to ensure no issues have been encountered.



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