How to create a tariff


Tariffs are created under the Accommodation section of the IBE

  • Go to Accommodation > Tariffs
  • Select Add Tariff

  • Fill in the required fields:-


  • Name: Tariff Name
  • ID: Unique 4 digit ID code
  • Tariff Code: Rate code to be used in conjunction with specials offers, ezines etc.
  • Description: Full description of tariff & what is included in the offer
  • Terms and Conditions: Tariff specific terms & conditions. This will appear on the guest's confirmation email


  • Validity: Booking date range, arrival date range & stay date range (including days) can be set
  • Booking Window Before Day of Arrival: Minimum & maximum booking windows can be set
  • Stay Duration: Minimum & maximum stay for the tariff can be set
  • Inventory Booking Limit: Number of rooms/inventory type to book can be set.
  • Direct Channel Settings: Badges to identify features of the rateplan can be used.
    • There is also setting to hide the tariff from a general search. If the user has a ratecode or URL to the tariff, they may access it.
  • Other Settings: Cancellation window, board basis and prepayment can be enabled.


  • Multiple features of the rateplan can be chosen from preset values.


  • Add a featured image to display next to the tariff

Inventory Types

  • The inventory types that the tariff is available on can be set


  • Select the channels that the tariff is available on. e.g 
  • Save all changes
  • The newly created tariff will appear under your list of tariffs.
  • It is possible to filter these tariffs by active/inactive or valid/not valid status by selecting the filter icon


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