How to create inventory types


Inventory types differ from property to property. Inventory types can be created in two steps:-

  1. Add Set
  2. Add type

1) Add Set

  • Go to Accommodation > Inventory
  • Select Add Set. A set can be defined as a category of inventory i.e rooms, apartments, lodges, houses.

  • Enter the information required
    • Name: Name of Set
    • ID: A 4 digit ID that will identity the set
    • Stock: Number of items available

  • Save

2) Add Type

Once the Set(s) have been created, it is time to start adding your types. E.g if the newly created set was Rooms, the types may be Standard Double, Deluxe Twin, Superior King etc.

  • Select Add Type.
  • Choose the Set from the dropdown menu that you wish to add your type to


  •  Complete the following fields as required:-


  • Name: Name of Inventory Type
  • ID: A 4 digit ID that will identity the Inventory Type
  • Description: A description of the Inventory Type


  • Set the minimum & maximum occupants by type
  • The below example shows the minimum & maximum occupancy for a Double Room.



  • Select all features for the Inventory Type


  • Add a featured image to showcase the Inventory Type
  • It is possible to also add a gallery of images


  • Select the channels that the Inventory type is available on. e.g 


  • Save your changes



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