How to set rates on booking engine lite


Rates are set under the Accommodation section in booking engine lite. 

To Update or Set your rates go to Accommodation > Rates

The rate screen explained:-

  1. Package drop down menu. Choose a package from the dropdown menu to set it's rate manually
  2. Choose to update rates for all channels or individually
  3. If your property uses rate bands, these can be set &enabled
  4. If your property floats their rates from a default package, the floating supplements may be set & enabled.
  5. Rates can be updated in bulk using the Bulk update Feature


  • To upload a rate, simply type the new rate into a box and tab across. A green notification 'Rate Updated' will appear on the top right hand corner of the screen to indicate the rate change was successful.
  • In the below example, the rate for the Deluxe Double Room is €85.00. This is the rate for the room itself based on the amount of occupants set under the inventory type (i.e 2pax)
  • Single Occupancy is the rate for a single occupant in the same room (leave blank if there is no single occupancy rate)
  • Child is the additional rate for any child in the room (this should be left blank if there is no additional charge for children)
  • Adult is the rate per adult staying in the room. Please note this does not refer to an additional adult (i.e a 3rd adult in the room). If this option is chosen, the rate for one adult in this case would be €43, the rate for two adults would be €86, and the rate for three adults would be €129. Leave this blank if your property does not charge per adult.


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