How to set availability in Booking Engine Lite


Availability is set under the Accommodation in the Booking Engine Lite. 

  •  Accommodation > Availability 

Availability Screen Explained:-

  1. Availability can be updated by Package by selecting the dropdown menu. The recommended method is to Pool all availability i.e all packages have the same number of rooms to sell.
  2. Availability can be loaded by Unit Type or Unit Set
  3. Availability can be loaded for all channels or individually
  4. Availability can be loaded by Bulk Update
  5. There is a link between Deluxe Double Room and Deluxe Twin room. This indicates that when the availability for the Deluxe Double Room runs out, it can pull availability from the Deluxe Twin Room, therefore still being available to sell online.
  6. There is a broken link between Deluxe Twin Room and Deluxe Triple room. If the Deluxe Twin room runs out of availability, it cannot pull availability from the Deluxe Triple Room. It will no longer be available to sell online.


  • Similar to rates, to load availability simply enter the amount of Unit types into a box and tab across. A green notification 'Availability Updated' will appear on the top right hand corner of the screen to indicate that the update was successful. 
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