Request Type: Request a new campaign


SUMMARY: Please start with your property name and then summarise the task you want us to complete. Include any offer USP’s or information we may need to make this campaign a success for you.

THEME OF THE CAMPAIGN: Insert the campaign theme such as Easter, Summer etc.

PLATFORM(S): Select all the platforms that you want this campaign to be activated on. Remember if you select a platform which you have not ran activity on before, we will need to create a new account + organise billing. (Please also be aware of your service contract at this point). Your budget will also need to be large enough to cover multiple platforms if those are requested.

YOUTUBE LINK: If you have selected Video, please include the link to your video content on YouTube here.

BUDGET AMOUNT: Budget you want to allocate to this campaign. If the budget is already available to use please say, use existing budget. Please specify if this is a monthly reoccurring budget or a total campaign budget for the duration of the campaign.    

LANDING PAGE: For campaigns which link to an offer or marketing landing page, please insert the URL here. Please do not add the request until your content / offers are created and ready to go live.  Please ensure the CMS page and/or Booking engine rate plan are live, accessible and you have used a live link. URLs including and are staging links which cannot be used for campaigns.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Specific the audience/s that this campaign is targeting, i.e. remarketing and/or prospecting.

START DATE: Start date of the campaign. For new campaigns, the minimum start date must be 3 working days from the day you add the campaign request. (Please take into account weekends & bank holidays as additional days) 

END DATE: If the campaign has an end date, please specific. If the campaign is ongoing for the foreseeable future, please make this clear in your summary above.

ATTACHMENTS: For any display or social campaigns that require imagery, please attach them here. Please ensure any imagery meets the requirements for the platforms you requested:

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