I created a new package but it's not showing on my website. What am I doing wrong?


Once a new package has been created the are several items to check to ensure that availability appears on your website:

  1. Check the Package Setup
    • Have the booking & arrival date ranges been set correctly?
    • Is the booking window set correctly?
    • Have all required unit types been selected?
    • Have the required channels been selected?
  2. Check the rate set up
    • Have rates been added for the package?
    • If floating the rate, has the additional supplement been added?
  3. Check Availability
    • If not pooling availability or using a channel manager, has availability been manually added for the package?
  4. Check close outs and Minimum Length of Stay
    • Is there a a stop sell or MLOS in place for a particular date that may prevent your package from displaying?
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