How do I set up my API Key for Google Maps?


In order to display a interactive Google Map on your website, we require you to set up a account with the Google Maps Platform -

Please note at the time of sign up you will be asked for a credit card but this is used only should you go over the monthly free allowance that Google have set which should be limited. If you don’t have the payment facility set up when this happens your map will not display. We predict that none of our clients will exceed the threshold set for free use, but we cannot guarantee this.


You may use the same key for several properties, however, this increases the likelihood of reaching the threshold more quickly, so we would recommend a separate account for each property.



When setting up first, select Maps & Routes, then you will be prompted to set up a Billing Account. 


From the Google Cloud Platform Dashboard, select your Project in the header and then select APIs & Services




Select Billing in the menu on the left hand side, and ensure you're Billing account is linked. 


Ensure a Billing Account is linked. 

If it's not, you will be asked to link a Billing Account. If you have one set up already, it will give you the option to link here. If not, it will prompt you to set one up.  


If there is already a billing account linked, an overview of the billing account will appear. 



Ensure the API Keys for Maps JavaScript API & Directions API are linked


Select APIs & Services in the menu on the left hand side




Select Enabe APIs & Services



Search for Maps JavaScript API in the searchbar & then select

If not set up, select Enable. 

If it is, it will give you the option to Manage. 


Repeat for Directions API.


Ensure Restrictions are added


Go back to APIs & Services & Select Credentials



Select API Key (or API Key 1)



The API Key you see here is what you will need to send to Net Affinity. 


Further down this page, under Application restrictions, select HTTP Referrers (web sites), and input your website domain & hit Save. 




Select API restrictions, with the dropdown Select API, select each of the APIs you have set up. 

if you have set up additional APIs to the ones mentioned above, select these too. 






If you have any further questions, please contact Net Affinity Client Services

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