How do I add Pop Up Messages to my website/CMS?


Pop Up Messages can appear on the homepage of your website. They show on the bottom right corner.

A maximum of two Pop Up Messages appear at the one time and last for several seconds before fading away or until the user clicks X to close the message.

To add Pop Up Messages to your homepage:-

  • Go to Modules > Pop Up Messages
  • Select 'New Pop Up Message
  • Add Title, Icon and Message.
    • Title is for internal purposes only
    • Message is the text that appears on the front end. There is a limit of 160 characters.
    • To choose your icon, go to Font Awesome. Copy the class and paste into the icon field.

  • Add
  • Once Pop Up Messages have been added, go to Settings and enter a background colour and a text colour of your choice to appear on your website.




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