18/12/2018 : Release v1.37.0


Important highlights from this release:

1. Modules

  • Listings renamed to Data Sets

  • Menus: Edit Column renamed to Settings

  • Forms: Forms disclaimer text moved to a modal

2. Dashboard

  • Quick Access renamed to Shortcuts

3. Pages

  • Edit Page: View renamed to Changelog

  • Edit Page: Save Changes renamed to Submit Changes
  • Pages Submenu: Hide/Unhide options have been removed (pages can still be hidden under Page/Content Setup)

  • Pages Submenu: Set as Default Page renamed to Set as Homepage
  • Pages Submenu: Active/Inactive renamed to Enable/Disable (depending on state of the page)

  • Show Live Page button has been moved to the Pages Submenu and renamed to View

4. Pop Up Messages

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