28/10/2020 - v1.108.0


The following updates to the Booking Engine went live on the 28th October.

  1. An option to filter bookings by cancellation date has been added

  2. Text on the cancellation pages have been updated

  3. Customer booking confirmation email has been updated

1) Allow filtering of bookings by cancellation date

A new option has been added to the View Bookings page that will allow the user to filter bookings by cancellation date. Note that if this is selected, the Booking State filter will be ignored as the only relevant state here is cancelled bookings.


2) Edit booking cancellation page text

Some changes have been made to the text on the cancellation page, on both the templates and the BKE itself.

The following line

Please check the details of your booking and confirm your cancellation request below.

was added to the start of step 2 on the cancellation process:


The "if you have any further questions..." text now appears after the cancellation is submitted, below the response, as in the screenshot:


3) Cancellation policy added to customer booking confirmation email 

Previously the customer booking confirmation email contained button which linked to cancellation policy. This button is now removed and cancellation policy is visible on email.


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