10/11/2020 - v.176.0


The following updates to Website Builder went live on Tuesday 10th November 2020.

  1. Covid-19 Safety logo on all themes

  2. Remove thumbnail image dimensions from all themes

  3. Remove gallery fallback from all themes

Addition of floating Covid-19 safety logo on all themes. This will be accessible in Site Settings under Covid-19 logo tab and will allow the user to edit the following:

  • Turn on/off logo

  • Add a link to the logo

User will not be able to edit the image. Net Affinity will provide the country's standard Covid-19 Safety logo.


2) Remove thumbnail image dimensions from all Themes

On remaining Themes, removed the dimensions set per gallery subcomponent cropping tool. This allows just the cropped image to show without being resized by the CMS.


Removed gallery fallback from all galleries on all Themes. We do not show images when none are loaded.

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