How to: Data Sets


This article outlines how to use the Data Sets module. 

  1. What are Data Sets?
  2. How to create a feature?
  3. How to add a feature to a page?

1) What is are Data Sets?

Data Sets are features that can be added to a page under the Advanced Settings tab. The features on a page will depend on the layout chosen.

Every feature & each of it's categories has a unique ID.


2) How to Create a Feature?

Before a feature can be added to a page, it must first be created under the Data Sets module.

  • Go to Modules > Data Sets
  • To create a new feature, select Create Data Set.

A green tick indicates that a feature is public. You can toggle public on/off by click on the green tick. It will turn into a red X to indicate the feature is no longer public and will not appear on the front end of the website.

Every feature can be broken down into Categories. Each category will have one or more items. It is useful as you can create one feature with multiple categories to display on different pages.


  • To create a new category:-
    • Select Add Category
    • Enter a Title
    • Add
  • The newly name category will appear under 'Categories'


To create a new item:-

  • Select Add New Item and complete the required fields. These will differ depending on the type of Data Set (i.e action bar, main feature, inside offer etc)
  • When adding a URL of a page on your website add in the text after the main domain e.g. the page URLs is, only add in /rooms.html

3) How to Add a Feature to a Page?

  • Select the page
  • Go to Advanced Settings
  • Select feature you'd like to change (e.g ActionBarNoTimer)
  • Select category
  • Save Changes


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