09/04/19 - Release v1.44.0


Key Features / Improvements 

New buttons for HTML Editor

Spell checker

Font size

Button is reactivated 

Default website logo changes when theme is switched

When signing up for a new Website Builder, the default logo of the website has the name on it. Now when the theme is changed, the logo will be changing too.


Default images for Website as actual images on galleries and data sets

Before, when you signed up, the website created by default seemed to have galleries and data sets but it didn't actually have them, you could see the images on the Website view but they were not actually loaded on pages/site settings which was causing confusion to the users

Now these images are actual galleries and data sets.

New tags for action bar

In order to provide an action bar on the websites, a new set of tags were created for page settings and site settings.

Cookie notice modal

Cookie policy is displayed with a link to modal with more details.



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