How do I add an Action Bar to my website?

  • Click on the page you wish to add the Action Bar to in the left hand menu
  • Click the Action Bar tab 



Edit the following items:

  • Action Bar: Enable - this lets you know if the Action Bar is public or not. You can click on this to amend it. 
  • Type: Tick the option you wish to use. To see a full list of how all the Action Bars look on the website click here.
    • Timer
    • Image
    • Image with Gradient 
  • Position: Tick the option you wish to use. 
    • Bottom
    • Left
    • Right
  • Title: The main title of the Action Bar 
  • Description: Include a short description of what is included
  • Background colour: Colour for background
    • Click on the box to show colour options, alternatively, if you know what colour you wish to add you can type it into the box
    • Text Colour - Colour for the text - can be changed to work with Background Colour. White: #ffffff, Black #000000

  • Button Link: Link to the offer / relevant page
    • If linking to another page on the site choose from the dropdown (first box)
    • If linking to another website add the link to the second box
  • Button Text: Text on Call to Action
  • Expiry Date and Time: This is the date that the timer is counting down to. Once this has expired, it will take down the Action Bar. 
  • Image: This is the image that appears when you select the IMAGE Option below. Dimensions required are:
    • 'Image' - 250w x 200h pixels 
  • Image type imagefade and position bottom only: This is image that shows when you choose the 'Image with Gradient' option
    • 'Gradient Image' - 795w x 125h pixels
  • Save Changes
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