08/05/19 - Release v1.46.0


Key features/improvements

Action Bars are now integrated with Website Builder

Users now have the ability to add an action bar to their website within the Website Builder. For details on how to do this visit here


New languages available for front end

There are 8 extra languages available for the front end of the Website Builder and for Bespoke projects too. Languages are:

  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Greek
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Swedish

Remember tab after saving on Pages and Site Settings

After saving changes on Pages and Site Settings module, now it keeps the user on the tab they were making changes to.

Show error message when image is not supported by the application

When uploading an image on Site Settings or Pages module, if the user uploads an image format that is not supported, they will see a proper error message.

Improvements on URL tag on Site Settings

  • New "External Url" option to the pages select so the user can insert any value Eg: "#anchor" , "www.mysite.com", "http://site.com". (there will be no validation against this field)

  • If the user select one of the pages, the input field will be filled with the page URL. The field will be disabled and the user will not be allowed to change the value.

Improvements for export PO file functionality *** Only Available for superadmins 

The export function scans all Core Themes and generates a compressed folder with all languages separately. 

The name was renamed to "Generate PO File"



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