08/05/19 - v1.80.0


Key features/improvements

Add occupancy filter for individual hotels

On check availability page, there is a new option to filter availability per occupancy


Improvements on tariff description on fixed date view / flexible date view

On check availability page, now there is a link that will show the description of the tariff. Some other styling improvements have been made.



Added Ingenico as a payment option

Ingenico has been added as a payment option. 

When Confirm Bookings is clicked, an iframe will open on the reservation form with Ingenico's Hosted Checkout page.

The style of this can be edited from Ingenico.


Cloudbeds / Myallocator- notify bookings

A script will now send booking IDs to Cloudbeds / Myallocator to notify them when a booking is made.


Renamed Parity Rate

Backend references to Parity Rate have been changed to Roomcloud.



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