02.07.19 - v1.33.0


Key features/improvements

Improvements on the main dashboard on the admin interface

The main dashboard has a new and improved design.

  • Subscriptions are grouped per company and per product name, sorted alphabetically. 
  • Direct access to company settings through the menu located on the right side of every company name

  • The button to add new subscriptions is now located at the top of the page: "Add New System" (this option is not visible for super admins)

  • "Cancel Subscription" menu option is still on the menu option besides the system


Credit notes

When a refund is issues a credit note will be made available.

This is a downloadable PDF file which includes details about the refund. They are listed with the invoices located on the "Invoices" page.


Increase width of login page content area on larger screens

Improvements on the layout of login screen when is shown on large screens


Add placeholder text to VAT number input field

This will serve as an example for the VAT number when users are filling up the company details during the signup process.

Systems menu option is available for admin users

Previously it was only available for super admin users.

This module is on the main dashboard menu.

All systems from subscriptions are listed and users can edit them

Edit option is not available for Website Builder systems


Users can edit the system name, which is the one shown on the dashboard



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