Updating my Landing Page


Log into CMS >Click on Modules > Click on Data Sets > Click on Landing Page 


  1. Update each of the 3 offers to whatever you would like to promote on the landing page by clicking on Edit on the ride hand side and completing the following:
  • Title Summer Landing page/Family Landing page etc
  • Please skip the next 5 steps, not required
  • Category will always be Landing Page
  • Insert image you wish to use (should be below 2MBs in size)
  • Heading corresponds to the main heading which appears underneath the Circle image


  • Description corresponds to the longer length description underneath the main heading and should give a slightly more detailed description of the offer or area of promotion


  • Save Changes


  1. Click on Landing Page Special Offers – These correspond to the below and can feature any area in the hotel or any feature the hotel wishes to promote eg. Wild Atlantic Way/Weddings/Golf etc


  • Complete the same as Step 1
  • Button Text should say Read more or Book now or some other Call to Action
  • Should always link to a page on the website or to an offer on the booking engine


  1. Once both Data Sets have been completed go to the main menu again in the CMS
  • Click on Pages
  • Click on Landing Page at the bottom left of the Pages menu
  • Click on Main Content and insert the content for the main area of the landing page and insert relevant landing page content



  • Once content is complete, click on Advanced Settings





This is where each element of the landing page components are added to the page

  • Banner image – can be one already uploaded to the site or a new banner image can be added, just select from the dropdown


  • Repeat for Banner Mobile image
  • In LANDINGPAGE2ACIRCLECAROUSEL select the Landing Page 3 Circle Offers from the dropdown to link them to the page
  • In LANDINGPAGE2AFEATUREDOFFERS select Landing Page Special Offers from the dropdown to link them to the page
  • Scroll down the page and in BANNERBUTTONTEXT and insert CTA text ie. Book now/Read more etc
  • BANNERBUTTONLINK should link directly to the corresponding booking engine package/group special
  • BANNERBUTTONTEXT corresponds to the Book Now CTA on the main banner image
  • BANNERTEXT corresponds to the text which appears over the Main Banner image on the page so insert Banner text here ie. Family Fun in Sligo etc
  • OFFERBUTTONLINK should link directly to the corresponding booking engine package/group special
  • OFFERPRICE insert package ‘from’ price
  • OFFERTAGLINE appears before the From price and can contain any tagline
  • WELCOMEHEADER corresponds to header text


Once all of the above steps have been completed click on the main Pages menu again and scroll to the bottom left to the landing page again and click on the 3 dots at the right-hand side



Click on Publish page in order to make the page ‘live’ so it can appear on the front end of the website

Click on ‘view’ and check that all elements of the page are appearing correctly *NB*

Once a landing page has been completed once it can then be cloned for future landing pages by clicking on ‘Clone Page’ and repeating steps 1 and 2 above

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