Come creare una nuova pagina

  • Under Pages, select New
  • The following items are required:
    • Title: Title of page for internal use
    • Document URL: URL of new page (i.e test-new-page.html will display as
      • Document URL cannot contain any spaces and must end with .html
    • Layout. Choose desired layout for page.
  • Submit Data


  • The newly created page will appear on the Pages column on the left-hand side.
  • Click into the new page to begin adding content.


 There are three sections that need to be completed when creating a new page.


1) Edit Page/Content

Select the Edit Page/Content tab. Under this tab it is possible to:-

  • Add & format any text to appear on the page in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add links to files
  • Add a form to a page


2) Page/Content Setup

Under the Page/Content Setup tab it is possible to:-

  • Edit the title of the page
  • Edit the document URL
  • Make a page public/unpublic – ensure this is ticked to set the page live.
  • Add any required META
  • Update the page layout


3) Advanced Settings

Under Advanced Settings it is possible to add any features to a page i.e items that are not plain text/content.

  • Add a banner to page
  • Add a gallery to a page
  • Add listing(s) to a page


Once all sections have been completed, the page needs to be set live.

The page can be set live in two ways:-

  1. Under the Page/Content Setup tab, ensure the Make Public box has been ticked
  2. Under the Pages column, click on the three dots next to the page that is to be made live.
    • Select Active/Inactive
    • The (not active) will disappear from the Page name to indicate the page has been set public/live.




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