Google Data Studio Reports – The top 5 things to look at for traffic:

All marketing clients have access to Google Data Studio Reports which gives them an overview of website traffic in real time.

The Top 5 Things to look at are:-

1. Review if Users/Session are up or down (page 1).
For a deeper analysis on what’s down, We recommend looking at page 3 (channels) and page 4 (location) to see if there are any dramatic fluctuations there that need to be investigated further.

2. Visits and revenue by device (page 1)
Monitor mobile stats here and remember to check any updates to you make to your site or booking engine on mobile. 

3. Bounce rate and landing pages by device (page 2).
The benchmark here is 20 – 40% and should be monitored on a device level in case it creeps up. The top landing pages are listed at the bottom of this page and should be checked for pages with high bounce rates. Some pages have naturally high bounce rates, e.g. gallery, location, contact etc. but some campaign landing pages may need refinement to address user intent better if bounce rates are very high.

4. Channels (page 3) & Location (page 4)
Review your channels for any opportunities (e.g. high performing channels which may warrant additional investment or new countries driving significant traffic and/or revenue)

5. Action Bar Stats (page 8)
If your website has an action bar: This report shows performance and revenue associated with the action bar. We would advise monitoring this on an ongoing basis to ensure your action bar continues to perform strongly.