How does the Business Intelligence Console work?

The Business Intelligence Console provides a 360-degree view of your hotels’ direct booking performance with up to date, real time business-critical date.

Key items that the Business Intelligence Console looks at are detailed below and further details are available here ;

  1. All data is real time giving you the user up to date data to analyse your hotels performance.
  2. Market intelligence giving hotels key demand dates within their county based on search activity.
  3. The console provides at a snapshot when your hotel is no longer available to book.
  4. Hotels can now access PACE information as to business performance in relation to direct bookings.
  5. View and Analyse Comparison Data for your hotel with other hotels in the same County on ABV and ARR .
  6. Alerts and Tips from the Net Affinity Team to get the most out of your booking engine in relation to direct bookings.

 ALERTS: The following alerts are available: 

  • Not bookable alert- this will show if the hotel isn’t available to be booked, and will check availability, rates, tariff valid dates etc. (not doing at min so change for this)
  • Key dates / Demand- this will show to the top 3 dates that were searched for in the past 48 hours, if they’re above the threshold for each county. Currently, the threshold for each county is set at 178. This was calculated based on averages of searches. We will monitor and adjust if necessary.  
  • High noavailability- This compares an average no available search count for the past year to the average no available search for the past week. If the past week’s average is higher than the yearly average, the alert will display.


  • This section looks at what business the hotel has on the books and what it picks up between now and the end of a particular month to see where it will finish in regards to sales i.e. ahead of last year or behind.