How to add images to my vouchers

Note that minimum dimensions for images are 900 x 506

1. Go to Vouchers > Vouchers

2. If you are adding a new voucher select 'Add Voucher'.
If you are editing a current voucher select the three-dot menu to the right of the voucher name and choose 'edit'

3. Select the 'Images' tab

4. To choose a new stock image skip to step 7.
To choose an image you have already added click 'Media Library'. 

5. Double click the folder to want to retrieve your image from. 

6. You will see the images available. Click your chosen image and then click 'Select and Edit'

7. If you want to choose a stock image double click on the Stock folder. You are then presented with multiple categories of stock images. 

8. Double click on the folder you want the image from

9. When you find the image you want to use right click on the image and copy to a folder

10. Once copied navigate back to the folder screen and choose the folder to add the stock image to. Double click. 

11. You will see the image. Click it and then click 'Select and Edit'

12. Don't forget to save your changes 


Note that three different versions of the featured image display under the Images tab. You can choose the area to display for each of the below by hovering over the image and clicking to move the area.

  1. Thumbnail. Visible when viewing the gallery of images
  2. Featured image. The main image the user will see on the voucher selection page
  3. PDF. The image that pulls through to the voucher PDF.