How to create an Added Value Voucher

An added value voucher is what we refer to when the usre purchases a voucher for a set value but gets additional value for free e.g. Buy €100 Voucher get actual voucher for €120

To set this up in the Online Gift Voucher Solution; 

Go to Vouchers then vouchers. Click ‘add voucher’ – follow the usual steps to create a new voucher, to set up Added Value Click the 'Settings' tab.

Under the pricing section you have two options – 'set price' and 'variable price'

  • If you click 'set price' add in the price.
    Add in the 'added value' – this can be a set amount or a percentage of the price.
  • If you click 'variable price' you can add in a minimum and maximum price, the price increments and the added value

Save your changes!