How to create an Added Value Voucher

An added value voucher is what we refer to when the user purchases a voucher for a set value but gets additional value for free e.g. Buy €100 Voucher get actual voucher for €120 

To set up an added value voucher:-

1. Follow the steps on how to set up a voucher

2. Go to the Settings tab and scroll to Pricing. This is where you will set up your added value.

3. You will notice there are two options for pricing 'set price' and 'variable price'

  • If you click 'set price', add in the price of the voucher. Next add in the 'added value' – this can be a set amount or a percentage of the price. In the below example, the price of the voucher is €100 with an added value of €10.

  • If you click 'variable price' you can add in a minimum and maximum price, the price increments and the added value. In the below example, the lowest voucher purchase is €50 and the highest is €500. Whatever value voucher is purchased there will be an added value of 10%. When a voucher is purchased for €50 the recipient will receive a value of €55.

4. Save your changes

Example: If the voucher price is €250, the added value is 15%, the voucher order will show the value of that voucher at €287.50. 

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