How to enable occupancy filters

You can now add an occupancy filter to appear during the booking process.

This makes it easier for your clients to find a room that best suit their needs.

The filter appears on the left hand side of the booking process.

To enable your occupancy filters you need to add a 'Room category' to your room types. When you enable a room category, the people icons during the booking process appear. These indicate how many people can stay in a room type i.e Double room for 2 people. 

  • Go to Admin> Room Types
  • Choose your Room Type and update the Room Category
  • Repeat this for all your room types

Next, you need to ensure that an Occupant Type is selected for each occupant.

  • Go to Admin > Occupants
  • Choose the correct Occupant Type per occupant i.e Adult, Child
  • Update