How to set up a voucher

To set up a new voucher please follow the below steps; 

  • On the main menu, go to Vouchers > Vouchers and select Add Voucher
  • Complete all steps under each section


Name: Name of the voucher. 
ID: The unique ID that is for internal use only. It can be up to 4 characters. Only letters & numbers are allowed. E.g SPA2
Voucher Code: Code used for internal use only.
Description: All details of what is included in the voucher
Badge: A badge may be used to highlight or draw attention to a particular voucher on your website
Terms & Conditions: All T&Cs specific to the voucher should be placed here


Voucher Type: Set voucher type: Monetary or Experience. Monetary vouchers will show the value of the voucher on the voucher PDF. Experience vouchers will hide the value on the PDF.
Date Range:
This is where you set the period of time that that voucher is available to purchase.
Pricing: This is where the price of the value is set e.g €100
Added Value: Additional value can be added to a voucher during periods such as Cyber weekend. See here for more information on Added Value vouchers.
Stock: You can manage/limit the number of vouchers to be sold.
Expiry: Set expiry date or timeframe.
Delivery Methods:
Choose the voucher delivery options you offer
Default Delivery Method: Select the default delivery option for your customers


Featured Image: The image that will display on the front end for the voucher and also on your chosen voucher template.
When adding images double click on the media folder you wish to access. 
For more information on how to edit/add images click here

Voucher PDF

Under Voucher PDF you can choose the look of your voucher PDF from a few template options.


Select this box if you would like people to be able to redeem their voucher online. Please note that redemption is only available if using the Net Affinity booking engine and your voucher system must be enabled under Net Affinity IBE Integrations.

Don't forget to click save!