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AskSuite Integration - Booking Engine Version 1

o set up Asksuite Chatbot and Asksuite Tracking,  we’ve configured the Asksuite Add-On Containers for the GTM Accounts.


Please find attached the following GTM containers:


These containers are available as standard or with Cookiebot if you use the cookie management platform. Please use whichever version suits your current tracking set-up.


How to use the containers

  1. In GTM, navigate to the relevant account > admin > import container.
  2. Choose the Asksuite container you’d like to import into your existing workspace
  3. Choose Merge under import options.
  4. Fields to update
    1. Tags: Asksuite Chatbot – Insert your Asksuite Pixel provided by Asksuite
    2. Tags: Asksuite Tracking Pixel – Update your currency if it is not EUR e.g. from “EUR” to the 3 letter short for your currency, e.g. "GBP"
  5. Publish the container