Creating Summer Content for Your Guests

Summer is here! With the (hopefully) sunny season in full swing, take time to review your website and ensure everything is up to date. ☀️ There are a few key areas on your website that need attention when it comes to updating your content, all of which will hopefully help your guests decide to take the plunge and make a booking.


Your website content
If your property is popular with families, it's really important to review and update any family pages on your site ahead of summertime. Are the activities listed on your 'things to do' page suited to summer? Detail out any local offerings and promote areas within your own property which will appeal to families like different dining options, leisure facilities and kid’s clubs. 

Similarly, if you're going after the couples market, list out any areas within your business that might appeal like the spa, specific dining options and any relevant local attractions.

Your action bar
Remember to use your action bar to promote whatever it is you want to draw attention to for the summer months as it's one of the first things someone will see when they arrive on your website!

Your landing pages
The purpose of a landing page is to drive bookings by focusing on a specific offer. When you are designing your summer landing pages, make sure you give website visitors a clear call to action and all the relevant offer info that will make it easy for them to book their stay.

Unpublishing or creating new pages in your CMS
If you are making changes to your website, try and update pages already in existence rather than removing current pages and adding new ones. Turning off a page which your other website pages are linked to will result in a lot of error/broken pages throughout your site. This will obviously be really annoying for a visitor and may turn them away - so we want to avoid as many of these kind of negative user experiences as possible.

If you do need to create a new page and/or turn a live page off, reach out to your Net Affinity account contact so that they can run an SEO audit and ensure that any necessary page redirects are in place before anything new goes live. 


Here are a few content tips

  • Review and update your location, things to do and activities pages

  • Review and update your family pages

  • Review your restaurant menu pages to include kid-friendly menus

  • Review your leisure pages and make sure family times for the pool and other facilities are up to date

  • Is your property and/or leisure area adults only? Make sure you include this in your USPs, this is a great selling points for the couples market. 
  • Are there any local activity providers you can liaise with to offer experiences to your guests, e.g. sailing clubs?

  •  Are there local hiking/walking trails that you can provide info on?

  • Talk to staff who live locally and ask them what they like to do on their days off. You might unearth a fun activity you haven’t thought of!

  • Do you offer pet-friendly accommodation? Make sure you have content available in all relevant areas to capture this market