Family Campaigns

To effectively target this market, you must first understand the requirements of the family, and then deliver a stress-free booking experience for busy parents with hectic lives.



After you've determined the requirements of your hotel's target market, you can start creating content for your website

  • Create a family area on your website. Consider all aspects of their stay, from arrival to check-out, and address any questions they may have. Extra Tip: Plan a family-friendly itinerary for short and lengthy stays.

  • Highlight the hotel's USPs and family-friendly features such as swimming pools, a kids club, huge family rooms, and all-inclusive packages.

  • Always ensure to have high-resolution imagery of the family room in this section and on the room type galleries on the booking engine. Extra Tip: Where possible include floor plans or a virtual tour of the family room.

  • Look at your Room Types description: Highlight and bullet important text, including amenities for all ages and sizes of the rooms for families.

  • On the booking engine, create a family Group Special and include all relevant rate plans.

  • Make the booking procedure less stressful by categorising the kids into Infants (0-3), Kids (4-12), and Teenagers (13-15).


Family Promotion: 

  • Catch attention with a strong value proposition: Free breakfast, Kids Eat Free, etc.

  • Highlight activities and offer tickets to local attractions.

  • Consider All-inclusive packages for families with young children. Offer 2-night BB + 2 dinners and BB only packages for older kids.

  • Include packages for non-standard family units (single parents, more than 2 kids, a mix of kids over/under 12, grandparents joining the trip)

Family Marketing Activity:

Make sure your offline marketing activities are supported by a robust online digital strategy.

  • Maintain a strong organic social media presence with videos or photos of all your family facilities.

  • Consider starting an exclusive Facebook/Instagram prospecting campaign for parents.

  • Run lead generation ads on Facebook to build a family-focused database for email marketing. This is a great way to get quality hotel booking leads.

  • Support your social and email marketing initiatives with strong text and graphics in your current Google Ads display campaigns.

  • If your budget allows, run a dedicated family Google search campaign to increase hotel bookings.

  • Hotel bumper ads on YouTube are another great option. Bumper Ads are six-second advertising that appear before video content. This format is also suitable for Facebook and Instagram ads. These ads are also very cost effective if you have a limited budget.

Extra Tips: