Google Shopping Ads Onboarding

Please note, Google Shopping campaigns are only available for gift vouchers for hotels. Rates/Offers are handled via Google Hotel Ads. Find more information on how to go live on Hotel Ads here.


  1. Set up a merchant account here
  2. Follow the set up process to provide company information. Google will also need to verify your business phone number via an automated call. You do not need to go through any additional verifications for websites etc. We will handle all of this on our end. 
  3. Once you have the account verified, share the account with via the little gear icon at the top right > Account Access. We will need full admin & reporting access to manage the campaigns, please. 
  4. We will need images for each voucher type, however, we can pull them from the website. If there are specific images you’d like to use, the required dimensions are at least 100 x 100 px but preferably larger. File size below 16MB.