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How do I add my logo to my website?

Your logos can be updated as follows:-

  • Go to Settings > Site Settings
  • Click on Branding
  • Edit the logo you wish to update

Logo: Logo on the header of your website

Ensure your logo is approximately 180 pixels in width and 80 pixels in height

Favicon: Favicon logo

Ensure your favicon is approximately 34 pixels in width and 34 pixels in height


  • Click Edit/Change Image
wb logo 3
  • Choose file from PC
    • Do not have symbols or capital letters in the name of the logo you are adding
  • Click Upload
  • Click the X ‘close’ button
  • Save changes at the bottom of the page

wb logo 2

  • Review your logo on the website on the main homepage when landing on the page, upon scroll and in the menu