How do I connect my website to MailChimp?

  • Access your MailChimp API Key in MailChimp under Account Information > Extras > API Keys
  • In the backend of your website, go to Modules > Forms

From here there are 2 steps to complete


1 - Set up Integration

  • On the form you would like to integrate to MailChimp, select Edit
  • Go to Form Settings
  • Input the MailChimp API Key
  • Save Changes
mail 1

2 - Add to Form

  • Open Form Settings again. You will see a green tick with Refresh Lists & Remove. When a user signs up to this database on the site, this will save a new database on MailChimp with this name
  • Add MailChimp Lists to the Form as a new field under Form Structure 
  • Select your MailChimp List/Database that you would like these emails to feed into
  • Save Form Structure and Save Changes