How do I Create an Event?

  • Go to Admin > Events
  • Create an Event Group by selecting 'Add New Event Group'
  • Complete the required fields including Name & Description.
  • Select Create. This will bring you back to the Events page and you can start creating the event itself.
  • Select 'Add New Event' and fill out the required fields.
    • Name: Name of the Event
    • Description: Description of the event
    • From & To: The dates the event takes place on
    • New Event Image: This image will display on the front end with all the event information
    • Event Group: Link your event to an event group that you have already created. i.e Summer Festivals, Christmas Events, Concerts etc.
    • Link to Tariff: Link the event to a rateplan to allow attendees to book an overnight stay in your hotel.
  • Select Create.
  • View on Front End of booking engine to ensure all details are correct.



  1. Link to your Events Page ie your hotel booking engine url/eventspage