How do I optimize my special offers page?

Your special offers page should showcase your packages in the best light and be easy for potential guests to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Here are some items to look out for:-

  • Are Grouped Specials are set and rateplans added?
    More info here:
  • Add an availability calendar to each rateplan so potential guests can see available dates at a glance.
    You can do this under Admin > Rateplans > Edit > Step 3
    Tick the checkbox “show availability on calendar” towards the bottom of the page
  • Ensure all rateplans are displaying price the same way for consistency and to avoid guest confusion. We recommend all rates are displayed as 'Total Price' or 'Total Stay' for a higher conversion rate.
    You can do so under Admin > Rateplans > Edit > Step 3 > Show rates


Review your specials page regularly, when adding new packages

Link your specials offers page to your homepage, the main menu, etc. to drive traffic into the site once customers land on your homepage