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How do I set up a calendar on my Special Offers Page

To add a calendar highlighting the availability of a rateplan on a calendar on the Special Offers page in the Booking Engine.

Important note: Specials calendars on specials page require the page to take longer to load, as the system is doing a mini search for each rateplan with the calendar enabled for 2 months. Please make sure only some rateplans have these calendars opened, that is not enabled for all.

  • Eg. we don’t recommend enabling for your basic rateplans e.g. BB, Room Only, which are available everyday
  • We don’t recommend enabling for rateplans that are only available for one day, e.g. New Years Eve Package, as the calendars will be blank for the rest of the 2 months displaying

Go to Admin -> Rateplans ->  edit Rateplan in question.

Go to Step 3 of the Rateplan Set up, enable SHOW AVAILABILITY ON CALENDAR



Note that the calendars load 2 months at a time - so on mobile, there will be a delay in loading for every 2nd month.