How do I update my blog page on the CMS?

If you have purchased a blog layout for your CMS, follow the below instructions in order to update it:-

 1. Set up a blog page

  • Go to pages > new and add your blog page choosing the layout “BLOG”
  • Blog pages do not have a main content section, they generally consist of a banner image and a blog data set. Both can be managed under advanced settings.


2. Add the blog module to your page

  • To add the blog module, go to modules > datasets > create data set > name it “blog” and save
  • Click on your blog module and add categories to categorize your content into different sections, e.g. weddings, activities etc.
  • Each category will have several “items”. Items are your blog entries.
  • Go to pages > blog > advanced settings > blog > add the data set and categories (use all if you want all content to show and allow your customers to switch between different categories)

 blog 1


3. Create content on a regular basis

  • Go to modules > datasets > blog > add new item to create a new blog entry
  • Fill out a title, URL, meta title, description & keywords
  • Select the according category by ticking the checkbox
  • Add short content, full content and add an image
  • Save your changes