How to add a gallery or banner to your website

There are 3 steps to add a gallery or banner to your website:-

  1. Create the Gallery/Banner
  2. Upload the image(s) to the Gallery/Banner
  3. Add Gallery/Banner to page

 1) Create the Gallery/Banner 

  • Go to Modules > Galleries
  • Select Create Gallery
  • Fill out the required information:-
image 1
  • Title: Title for gallery for internal use only
  • Type:
    • Insidegallery: A gallery that is to be added to inside pages
    • Banner: Homepage or inside page banner
    • Gallerypage: For the main gallery page
  • Image Width & Height: Correct dimensions are to be added depending on type
    Note: If the dimensions are incorrect, the image will not display correctly on the front end. Dimensions vary for each CMS. 
  •  Create

2) Upload the image(s) to the Gallery/Banner

  • Edit your gallery/banner of choice
  • Ensure your image is the correct dimensions and has been compressed. There are many free online tools to assist with resizing & compressing images.
    • To double check the dimensions required for the image, select Gallery Settings
image 2
  • Select Upload an Image and choose your image to upload 
  • The uploaded image will appear under Images. 
  • Choose what images to display or not by marking them public (green tick) or not public (red X)

image 3 

 3) Add Gallery/Banner to page

  • Select the required page and go to Advanced Settings 
  • Choose the gallery type from the dropdown menu under the item you'd like to add/change (i.e Banner, GalleryPage etc)
  • Save Changes