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How to build a form & add it to a page

There are two steps to add a form to a page:-

  1. Create a form
  2. Add the form to the desired page

 Step One: Create a Form

  • Go to Modules > Forms
  • Click ‘Create Form’
  • Add Title
  • Create


  •  The new form will appear in your list of forms. Click Edit.
  • It’s now time to build the form. You can choose from the field items on the left.
  • Each field has the following options:
    • Required Tick Box: To be ticked if the field is mandatory for the user to complete
    • Title: Title of the field (i.e Name, email address, contact number etc)
    • Validation: Ensures the user provides the necessary information in the required format
    • Placeholder Text: Descriptive text that disappears once the user starts typing
  • Once all fields have been created, save form structure, accept T&C's and save changes.
  • Above Save Changes you’ll find Form Settings. Click this to expand & complete the following fields:
  • Email Recipients: Email address of person within the property who receives the form/enquiry 
  • Email sender: This will always be noreply@netaffinity.com
  • Reply to field: Same email address as Email Recipients
  • Email Subject: The subject of the email you receive when a form is submitted
  • Success URL: The page the user is directed to once they submit the form
  • Send Success Email: Email sent to user once they submit the form
  • Submit Button Text: The wording on the Submit Button i.e Submit; Send; Submit Now etc
  • Mailchimp: Field for Mailchimp user’s API Key


Ensure that all changes are saved.

 Step Two: Add Form to Page

  • Once saved, return to the Forms page.
  • Every form has a unique code (generated from it’s title). This code needs to be taken and put into the formula [form code=FORMCODE] in order for the form to display on the front end. 




  • In the above example, the code for the Contact Us form is contactus
  • Go to the Main Content t tab of the page the form needs to be added
  • Enter [form code=contactus]
  • Save changes

An alternative way to add a form

  • Click the form icon
  • Choose the form from the dropdown
  • Save changes

Always view the live page to ensure the form is displaying correctly.