How to calculate my monthly commission total - when booking deposit is taken at the time of booking

Please note - this only applies to clients where booking commission is taken at source (taken at the time of booking). If your property is invoiced commission on a monthly basis then this option is unavailable and you must contact 

  1. To view the VAT invoice for commissions for the month go to: Invoices > Fee Invoices > click 'print invoice' on the relevant month
  2. To view individual bookings for a month go to: reports > view bookings > enter the date range > view by date of booking > click show bookings 

To calculate commission invoice for a given month:

  1. Go to Reports -> View Bookings
  2. Insert date range for month calculation is required, run by Date of Departure and then export to excel file
  3. Filter the report and search for the 'gross bookings' column and auto-sum for full total
  4. Multiply total by commission percentage and by 23% VAT for final commission figure