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How to: Default Modules

Previously Action Bar and Secondary Section were editable on a per-page basis.

For example, if you wanted a Secondary Section on every page of your website, you would have to go to Page Settings on every page and add the content each time.

We have added a ‘Default’ area in Site Settings, whereby the user can now upload the content for the Action Bar and/or Secondary Section once in Site Settings.

wb modules 1  wb modules 2

wb modules 3

There is also a ‘Custom’ area on each Page Settings.


Each section on Page Settings now has ‘Off’, ‘Default’ or ‘Custom’.


  • Off – The module is off, does not show on this page
  • Default – The default module in Site Settings will show on page
  • Custom – The custom module in Page Settings will show on page
wb modules 4

Default modules have the following benefits:

  • No need to add content for the same module on each page
  • No need to use Data Sets for this functionality
  • If Default is selected for multiple pages, user can change the content on this section on all pages, by just making one change in Site Settings